Classes Name: Belly Dance
Day: Monday
Time: 7.45pm – 8.45pm
Age: 16+ Years
Price per session: £5

Open level Middle Eastern Belly Dance (with a touch of Fusion) The sessions base movement in Middle Eastern Belly Dance and also bring in influences from other disciplines.

These sessions are suitable for complete beginners and more experienced dancers. and are suitable for all levels of fitness.
Belly Dance a great way to exercise and keeps your muscles strong and supple. It is also fantastic fun so you probably wont even notice how much exercise you are actually doing 🙂
Over a period of weeks we will drill movement and work towards complete choreographies.
All dancers will work on good posture and perfecting basic moves and more experienced dancers will have the opportunity to add movement layers or short self choreographed sections.
Future sessions will include the opportunity to work with props such as veils, sticks or wings. .
I have been teaching Belly Dance for over 20 years but still love to learn. Come and learn with me. Any questions? Facebook message me on Sian Edwards-Davies (Nomad Dance Theatre)

Wear anything you feel comfortable in.
Long skirts or leggings/stretch trousers with a T shirt are the norm. The important thing is that you can move freely.
We usually dance in bare feet. If you want to wear shoes, they need to be soft and light and have grip underneath. Trainers are too heavy.
It’s a good idea to bring some water with you.

Tutor: Sian Edwards-Davies

This term runs from:
We are at the Pyramid Arts Center  every Monday from 7-45pm to 8-45pm except for Bank Holidays.”