From SAS to celeb bodyguard

A former SAS leader will talk about how his life was completely transformed when he joined the military as a teenager and all the extraordinary things that have happened since when he visits Warrington.

Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham’s life journey took him from getting into fights and in trouble with the police to working his way up to the rank of SAS Sergeant Major Class 1.

Billy joined the parachute regiment in 1983 and passed the SAS’s rigorous selection processes in 1991 to become a mountain troop specialist.

He has worked all over the world and during his military days he was in life or death situations on a regular basis. But always a cool head under pressure, Billy became TV’s highest ranking and most decorated SAS leader and sniper.

Then he experienced the glittering lives of Hollywood celebrities when he became a bodyguard and security expert for Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Russell Crowe, Michael Caine and Tom Cruise among others.

Billy has even appeared in front of the camera for the likes of Channel 4’s Who Dares Wins and in 2015’s The Gunman starring Sean Penn.

At Parr Hall on Saturday, 23 April, Billy will reflect on his incredible experiences and what he has learnt along the way with producer and host Mark Llewhellin, the endurance running world record breaker and bestselling author.

There will also be an opportunity for audience members to meet Billy and ask questions during the show.

Chris Persoglio, Venue and Events Manager at Parr Hall, said: “Billy’s death-defying experiences with the SAS will have people on their edge of their seats and his behind-the-scenes stories about being a bodyguard for the rich and famous are just as interesting.

“But it will also be an inspiring evening with Billy touching upon how joining the military transformed his life when he was 17.

“We expect tickets to sell fast for this event as there is definitely an audience for it in Warrington – our upcoming evening with ex-special forces soldier Jason Fox quickly sold out so if you are interested in the UK’s special forces and a fan of programmes like Who Dares Wins, I’d advise you to buy tickets now to avoid disappointment.”

Tickets are on sale now; click here or call 01925 442345.