Another round of comedy

The Pub Landlord is back on the road next year to bring his bar room wisdom to the country after a tumultuous couple of years for the UK.

Al Murray will be ‘showing the way’ and providing answers for people ‘thirsty for common sense’ at his Gig for Victory tour, which calls in at Parr Hall on 10 November, 2022. It has been a tough period for the country with the Covid era and Brexit teething problems and, naturally, The Pub Landlord has a lot to say about it over a pint or two.

A spokesperson for the tour said: “As the dust settles and we emerge blinking into the dawn of a new year, the men and women of this great country will need answers.  Answers that they know they need, answers to questions they never knew existed.

“And when that moment comes, who better to show the way, to provide those answers, than the people’s man of the people, the Pub Landlord? Steeped in the deep and ancient bar room wisdom of countless lock-ins, the Pub Landlord is there to show the way.

“Wherever you are, he will – within sensible travel limits and theatre booking policy – come, offering people thirsty for common sense a full pint of the good stuff.”

Al Murray has been portraying The Pub Landlord – his caricature of a stereotypical, right-wing, British patriot – for more than 20 years. As usual, fans can expect a satirical mix of bar room banter and pub talk philosophy where he always ties himself in knots with his arguments about the state of the country.

Over two decades, Al has filled some of the most prestigious venues around the UK, including London’s 02 Arena and the iconic Royal Albert Hall.

He has won numerous awards, hosted many critically acclaimed television shows, and in 2015 famously stood for election in the hotly contested seat of South Thanet. Al formed the ‘Free United Kingdom Party’ and stood against Nigel Farage to make a statement about there being ‘too many jokers in politics’.

Chris Persoglio, Events and Venue Manager at Parr Hall, said: “In the post-Brexit world and after the challenges of the last two years, The Pub Landlord certainly has a lot to get off his chest.

“And by the time he visits Warrington in November 2022, I’m sure we’ll all be ready to see the funny side of the extraordinary time we’ve all been through. Al has such a fast wit and loves a bit of banter with the audience so watch out if you’re on the front row!”

Tickets are on sale at 10am on Friday; visit or call 01925 442345.