Singing the blues

Beth Hart’s music has been described as authentic, brooding and raw – a far cry from the glossy production associated with today’s pop.

Her song book has been inspired by her chaotic upbringing in LA and her ‘rollercoaster’ life, with its fair share of heartache and trauma. People experiencing the ‘real’ Beth through her music has led the Grammy-nominated performer to become one of the most sought after artists in the United States’ blues scene. With a career spanning more than two decades, her last three albums have all topped the US Blues Chart.

But the UK is catching on fast with Beth’s 2019 album, War In My Mind, hitting the top 20. Now the American singer-songwriter is coming to Parr Hall for the first time to offer north west fans a rare chance to see her live with a full band. The 49-year-old will be doing just 10 dates in the UK as part of a world tour and she will be coming to Warrington on Wednesday, 27 October, with limited tickets still remaining.

The Parr Hall gig is the perfect time for newcomers to see Beth too as she particularly wears her heart on her sleeve with her latest album.

Beth, who has collaborated with the likes of Slash and Joe Bonamassa, said: “More than any record I’ve ever made, I’m more open to being myself on these songs. I’ve come a long way with healing, and I’m comfortable with my darknesses, weirdnesses and things that I’m ashamed of – as well as all the things that make me feel good.”

War In My Mind – produced by Rob Cavallo, known for his work with Green Day – covers a lot of ground for Beth including her 70s childhood in Los Angeles, losing her sister Sharon, personal problems which derailed her major label breakthrough in the mid-90s and finding a sense of redemption through her husband Scott and her church.

She added: “A lot of subjects are covered on War In My Mind. I’ve always tried to seek the truth on every record I’ve done. But on this album, I’m even closer to vulnerability and openness about my life, about love, addiction, my bipolar, my dad, my sister.

“I’m no longer trying to be young and competitive and all these things I’ve always felt like I’m supposed to be. On this record something just told me: ‘Just let it be what it is’. I think I’m starting to make a little headway.”

With her popularity soaring, the gig is not one to be missed by blues fans and the Parr Hall show could be one of the last chances to see Beth in an intimate concert hall before she crosses the pond to visit much bigger venues.

Tickets are on sale now; click here or call 01925 442345.